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SMM Law Professional Corporation is centrally located in Cobourg, Ontario. 

Where to Find Us


SMM Law Professional Corporation

1005 Elgin St West 

Suite 205

Cobourg, ON

K9A 5J4

SMM Law Professional Corporation is located in Suite 205 of the Fleming Building at 1005 Elgin St West, near the Northumberland Mall.

If entering from the front entrance, you are arriving on the second floor. Suite 205 is through the three sets of doors and to the right.


The front entrance of the building is wheelchair accessible: there is accessible parking and a ramp leading to the main doors, which can be opened with the help of push buttons. The rear entrance is also accessible; there is an elevator which can bring you to the second floor.



SMM Law Professional Corporation

1005 Elgin Street West | Suite 205

Cobourg, ON

K9A 5J4

Visitor Information

We kindly request that you…

  • Call ahead if you will be unable to make a previously scheduled appointment.
  • Check in with our receptionist upon arrival.
  • Be patient if our team is running behind schedule. We do our best to avoid keeping anyone waiting, but also work to ensure that all of our clients’ needs are met during their appointments.


Office Environment

  • Our offices are scent-free. Please avoid wearing perfume, cologne, or other strongly scented personal care products.
  • Due to severe allergies present in the office, we do not accept deliveries of flowers or other plants.

To learn how SMM Law is responding to public health recommendations in the face of COVID-19, please click the button below.